Create an application in just 5 minutes!

Step 1: Choose a page style to apply a uniform look across your entire application.

Step 2: Select a database and the pages you’d like to create.

Step 3: Finally, name your application and click ‘Finish’ to create and launch!

Quickly customize application Web pages

Step 1: After creating your application, switch to Creative Mode to customize it.

Step 2: Use the Page Layout spreadsheet to arrange fields and panels — just drag and drop.

Step 3: Drag databound fields and panels from the Toolbox onto your page — no hook-up necessary!

Step 4: Add your own text, HTML and other content in the Cell Editor. Localized editing keeps it simple.

Step 5: Use the Property Sheet to configure individual controls.

Step 6: View your page in Live Preview. See your actual data as you navigate.

Fearless add custom business logic

Add custom business logic with Excel-like formulas. Calculated values, conditional text displays and dependent dropdown lists are simple one-line formulas.

An extensive set of built-in functions and operators provides amazing flexibility.

Easy code customization provides ultimate flexibility

Step 1: Select a component to customize in the Page Layout Spreadsheet

Step 2: Convenient code tabs show you the relevant methods. No need to guess!

Step 3: Click the Docs button to see detailed information on each class and method.